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Tour 4 – Prasat Preah Khan (Bakan Complex) & Ta Seng Village


2 Days / 1 Night


4 stars, moderate to difficult riding in parts, on paved  but  mostly unpaved, offorad earthy trails A  journey into the past  partly on the the old Angkorian highway, Route 66,  if you can mange it  Experienced riders best.

Difficulty for dirt riders depends on the season as a result of either mud, rivers,  or sand in parts.

Tour Summary:

Through enchanted forest and on the old Angkorian road, you can nearly imagine the Kings caravan passing or resting for the night. There were always a number  of routes to this magnificent remote temple.

Hard to say whether the journey there or the huge temple complex is more beautiful.  What is definite.. if you can get here, you will feel  you have been to the heart of Cambodia.   This temple was built in the 9th century  &  it's believed to be the second city of the Khmer Empire, where mighty King Jayavarman VII was educated.

The small village  of Ta Seng  &  the temple complex is surrounded by forest. During the rainy season, it can be difficult to access it and some boar action is requred. The HIGHLIGHT High on your list if you really want to go deep. A 5/6 hours drive including stops.


Adventure travellers can overnight in a family house in the small village. A  4WD support allows for all outdoor equipment, cooks and support staff to set up a jungle camp and barbeque.  Facilities are still very basic.


Good food available along the way but basic. Provisions also brought from Siem Reap. Our own cook can travel for large groups.

Note: 4WD

Access by 4WD  possible

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