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Some of the Hidden Cambodia Adventure Tours Team
Welcome to Siem Reap, the magnificent temples of Angkor Wat, a world heritage site and Hidden Cambodia Tours. The base office is located in Siem Reap, on the road to Angkor,  near the Sofitel and Meridien Hotels. Hidden Cambodia, established in 2000, arose from the needs of visitors seeking cultural and adventure trips to Cambodia with a difference. They needed a respected planner and guide and Hidden Cambodia was born. Since that time, our team has grown to 12 fulltime and the services we offer have expanded all over Cambodia

Hidden Cambodia now offers visitors  exceptional opportunities to experience cultural package holidays to bespoke tailor made holidays from 1 to 11 days and longer.

Paul Hay, Director, originally from Phnom Penh, has successfully been organizing cultural, incentive & adventure tours for groups since 2000. With an intimate knowledge of these areas, the people, their culture, he is the respected hand in logistics & team management throughout the country. Hidden Cambodia has steadily built a host of service providers and contacts that facilitate our movement.                                                                    

Sheila Connolly, Destination Manager, originally from Ireland, assists guests from all corners of the world in planning their schedules, in getting to Siem  Reap and on to their respective tours. A hotel manager, Sheila graduated from BA Hotel Management in Galway and has worked in sales and logistics in the Sheraton in Brussels, the Doubletree in Midland, Texas, the famous historic Omni Parker House hotel in Boston and a number of hotels in Ireland including Great Southern Hotels. In Cambodia since 1999, you can rest assured that the combination of her experience both in and outside of Cambodia will provide you the best guidance to undertake the most unique travel experience of your life. Support by a dynamic office staff of 6.  

Mrs. Ramsey,  Travel Planner, originally  from Preah Veng came  to work  in Siem Reap following completion her accounting degree ihere .  With this background and ten years experience in the  hospitality industry , Mrs. Ramey  joined the team in 2010  and is skilled at developing  detailed plans for guests from all backgrounds and for all formats of holidays  and events. A very accommodating lady.   

Ms. Mean Sreneng ,  Travel  Planner , from colonial Battambong and  also with a  degree in accounting,  joined us as a travel planner   in 2011 and works to detail holidays and events closely with clients. She also works to expand our client base  and connects with world wide partners. A value asset is her excellent communication skills and sense of humour.


                                                                                                                                                                 Mr. sohpeak, a new valuable addition to the team is  from Phnom Penh and based there. He works up and down and through the Kingdom, heading out with guests  and groups  for up to  21 days at a time. Evenly tempered, soft spoken, professional in his manner with great insight and experience in all areas of the country, we are delighted to  have him on board .



Mr. Yousurun, 33 years old and a native of Siem Reap, is a famous English Ministry  of Tourism Guide for Angkor wat (English).  He leads both Hidden Cambodia cultural and adventure tours  to Koh Ker, Preah Vihear , Kulen, Beng Meela and neighboring provinces  . Very upbeat , experienced, respectful and  knowledgeable.  He  especially handles educational student groups from overseas on week long programs.


Mr. Sarak ,
from Siem Reap is an English speaking Ministry of Tourism guide  and as well as Angkor,  enjoys guiding individuals and groups in country wide tours tours. Having worked in only five star hotels prior to his career change to guiding , guests feel comfortable and informed  throughout their whole tour.


Ms Tida is originally from Battembong and has been working in Siem Reap for the last six years.   She is a English Ministry  of Tourism Guide for Angkor  Wat and know the place inside out for those wishing to avoid the crowds. She  leads both Hidden Cambodia cultural and adventure tours  to the lake, Beng Melea & and Kulen . She is especially popular with expat families and   individual travelers

                                                                                                                                                                 Mr. Dara, 37 , from Siem Reap is a Russian speaking Ministry of Tourism guide. He   spent time in Moscow studying on scholarship. As we have been welcoming an increasing Russian speaking guests, his services have been invaluable.   
Ms. Alan  is a qualified English Ministry of Tourism guide (English & Spanish) for Angkor and specializes in accompanying guests as they tour the Siem Reap Angkor complex. She provides guests with an in-depth knowledge of the various temples and their place in history. 

Ms. Savann, 36 and from Siem Reap is a specialized Eco-tourism guide and conducts all our walking, trekking and Tonle Sap tours. She has an extensive involvement in various NGO projects related to the environment and the great lake  as well as other regional projects.



Lim Hay
, Guide and Ground Transport Paul Hays brother,  is 42 years and a native of Kampong Cham Province . He  was names "Mr. Slim"  some  time ago by   guests and it stuck He guides &  coordinates many of the dirt bike tours  throughout the country.  Always optimistic and forever smiling, Mr. Slim provides invaluable support,  back up assistance to all areas of tour operations and character. A man for all weather and all situations. Spent 3 years as a monk in Phnom Penh - not sure it made any difference

Mr. Den, Driver, tour & sweeper support,   a native of  Khampong Cham and a nephew of Paul Hay's,  Mr. Den works with all incoming tours , both cultural and adventure,  to support in a number of different ways...  taxi, 4wd, camp set up, assists with motorbikes.  Handy man at a BBQ.  An easy going nature  and his hard work ethic makes him a hit with clients.    
Mr. Map  from Siem Reap  is the senior  mechanic in the dirt bike shop section and works primarily to support dirt bike, 4WD  & eco-tourism trips. He rides like an add for the "No Fear" jerseys and he's been the length and breath of the country more than few times in the last five years. His gentle manner  and helping hand makes guests feel relaxed and comfortable.     
Mr. Po,  update for all of our older clients: Mr Po,  after two years  of trying to hold on to him  moved back to his home place and joined  his local monastery. He is now the Head Monk  in Phum Rolous,  near Bakong.  Will post some updates in facebook for those of you who remember him in action.   

2012 (left) 54 and from Bakong, just outside Siem Reap,  is the " The Uncle of Security"  and provides security for the base office and support for larger groups at overnight locations and adventure days. PO's the man.  If he can't fix it, no one can. Natures gentleman. Works for special adventure events and groups.

  Cooks: Ms Alin  has been with us some time  and coordinates our household staff,  travels with groups of guests  when needed, especially for large groups, and to locations such has Koh Ker , Preah Khan and gthe  lake  . Known for her upbeat manner and great food . She also assists in the office in planning.

Mrs Porn  &  Ms  Rasmey , manage the Hidden Cambodia base , Koh KerLlodge and food  in location such as Khampong Khleng, Kulen Mountain, Preah Bakan and overnight camps for those coming and going.




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