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Tour 3 - Koh Ker & Beng Melea Temples, local Villages

Siem Reap – Beng Melea - Svay Leau – Koh Ker – Siem Reap


2 Days / 1 Night


2 starts moderate riding on new, unpaved, fairly flat, road.

Challenging routes and trails still exist for riders who are looking for it. Otherwise, a good road for intermediate riders.

Tour Summary:

The pre-angkorian 10th century capital of the Khmer Empire. No longer as difficult as it used to be because of the completion of this fantastic new road. It still can be made challenging as with other alternative routes and old paths are still available for dirt riders.

This is still very much Hidden Cambodia. Many visitors have not seen the remote village surrounding  Koh Ker temple. More and more temples are being uncovered. Beng Melea temple also is a great destination. A 3 hours drive including stops.High on your list if you really want to go deep.


Adventure travellers can overnight in a newly constructed wooden guest house with separate bathroom and showers or Hidden Cambodia's Lodge in Koh Ker village. 


Good food available along the way but basic in Koh Ker.  Our own cook can travel for large groups with a 4WD support vehicle.  

Note: 4WD

It is possible to complete this journey in one day for flyers but in order to see it properly and cover all the temples, two days is advised.

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